UPSship - shipping via UPS from FileMaker on Mac & PC


Manage your UPS shipments with just a Mac, a printer, and an internet connection. Since 2005, NRG Software has delivered UPS Worldship functionality to Macintosh Users with NRGship.


Manage all of your UPS domestic and international shipping right from your Mac. Fulfilling Ecommerce orders? NRGship provides several import scripts to import your daily orders and avoid unnecessary data entry.


FileMaker Pro users can easily integrate shipping into existing layouts - or use built-in scripts to set all the shipping fields in NRGship's simple user interface.


UPS Services


    * Domestic & International Shipping

    * Single package, multi-box and batch shipping

    * Service and Rate Selection

    * Detailed Tracking and Results

    * Provides your negotiated rates (not published rates)

    * Quantum View shipment notifications

    * Ship from multiple UPS Accounts

    * Third Party Billing

    * Blind Shipping

    * Returns Management


International Shipping


    * Paperless Invoicing

    * Commercial Invoice

    * NAFTA Declaration

    * Certificate of Origin

    * SED Form


Printers & Scales


    * Supports Thermal (USB) and Laser Printers

    * Supports USB Scales


Built in order imports


    * PayPal, Yahoo! Store, MYOB, X-Cart, 3Dcart

    * UPS Worldship Order Imports

    * XML and CSV Imports

    * Address Book Imports from Worldship and



DEMO FileMaker Runtime


NRGship UPS Pro RT


15 days trial with no limitations!



Single Workstation      € 399,00

(incl. 19% VAT.)



DEMO FileMaker Files


NRGShip UPS Mac FileMaker


15 days trial with no limitations!


Single Workstation     €   399,00 

Server Licence:          € 1499,00

(incl. 19% VAT.)



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